• How do I get a quote for shipping?

    To request a quote, please visit the web app and you’ll get a direct quote

  • How long does the shipping take ?

    Express shipping is 3-5 working days while cargo shipping is 7-14 working days

  • Where can i ship foodstuff to ?

    At the moment, you can ship foodstuff only to Canada, the UK and the US

  • What food stuff can I ship ?

    You can ship noodles, tubers (yam, potatoes), grains (beans, rice, etc) and oils (groundnut, coconut, palm, castor, etc

  • What food stuff can I not ship ?

    We currently do not ship meat, pre-cooked meals and perishable food due to strict custom and import laws

  • What is the price of cargo shipping ?

    Cargo shipping is 3,000 naira per kg exclusive of the customs duty charge

  • Is there a minimum weight for cargo shipping ?

    Yes, there is. The minimum weight for cargo shipping is 10kg.

  • How much is the custom duties charge ?

    Custom duty may or may not apply for express shipping. It depends on the customs authority in the destination country. For shipping foodstuff to the United Kingdom and Canada, it is 2,000 naira per kg. It varies in the United States. This fee can be paid either to us when sending the package or by the recipient when picking up their package at the destination. If you’re trying to get the exact charge, please reach out to us and we’ll let you know

  • The prices on the web app are different from advertised? Why’s that?

    The shipping prices vary slightly depending on the weight and their destination city. The prices on the web app show the exact cost to your destination city.

  • How can I use the web app?

    Just login to and you can create an account. With the web app, you can make shipment, request a quote and track shipment.



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